Our vision is to bring children into a relationship with Jesus Christ and teach them to follow Him. Central to our Children’s Ministry is Jesus Christ and His saving work on the cross.  One of the most important things we do as a family of faith is to educate our children; so much so that at CrossWay we have all the children present in the beginning of the worship service, with dismissal immediately after the children’s offering.  We feel it is essential to our life together to teach our youngest disciples the impact of a personal relationship with Christ in their lives and the value of fellowship with the believers. In CrossWay Kids, the children are taught stories of Jesus and all of our ancestors in the faith that come to us through the Bible. Even from the youngest age, our children will learn about our life of faith in Jesus, God’s amazing love for them, and how grace really does change us. They learn that even the youngest disciples can make a difference in this world.

Our Mission

go site Every child is encouraged to please the Lord by learning to display and proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ. Children are given opportunities to serve others. We seek to help kids reach their friends for Christ and we strive for excellence in our Bible teaching to equip our children to be and make disciples.

We’re committed to offering your child a spiritual setting to learn lessons that will leave a lasting impression.