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Knowing God’s Plan for You


God has a plan for each of us and it might not be what we would choose. In this message Pastor John Smucker talks about the joy of following God’s plan for us, no matter where it takes us!

Stormy Weather


No one said the Christian life would be easy, in fact in this capstone message in our series on Trust, we look into how deep our trust must be. The book of Esther is used to demonstrate the three levels of trust; Deterrence Based, Knowledge Based and Identity Based and everyone was encouraged that to […]

What a Difference the Light Makes!


In the second message in our series on trusting God through the hard times we discuss the need to be constantly in God’s Word.  How can you trust someone you don’t know, and how can you know someone you don’t spend any time with.

Seams Like Old Times


Trust isn’t easy, trusting in a God you cannot see is harder.  In this message we discuss how God uses the hard times, and our trust in Him to perfect us.   Video shown during message available below.