Sermons from October 2014

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Faith Begins Where Fear Ends


King David is a pillar of the christian faith, but he didn’t always make the best choices.  Through looking at his life we can look at how fear is experienced, look at examples of fear as show in David’s life, and discuss what the proper reactions to fear should be for a believer.  In a […]

Spirit of the Marathon


God’s prepares us for everything we are called to do, the question is are we ready.  Hebrews 12:1-3 tells us to run the race with our eyes on the prize and in this message we discuss what that means to believers today.

Having Faith | Acting Crazy


Hebrews 11 recounts the many ways the Old Testament pillars of our faith followed God when the world told them they were crazy.  God’s plans don’t always make sense to us, but he makes us a promise.  If the plan is God ordained, it cannot fail.