Sermons from July 2014

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Knowing God’s Plan for You


God has a plan for each of us and it might not be what we would choose. In this message Pastor John Smucker talks about the joy of following God’s plan for us, no matter where it takes us!

As He Is . . . Demonstrating the Love of God


Each of us is the temple of God and we all draw people to Christ or away from him. In this message we explore what it means to be the temple of the Holy Ghost and what we need to do to keep our temple in the best condition.

Welcome Home – The other side of the Story


This is the second message in our series “God’s Love is Deeper than We Can Imagine” and in it we discuss how we, as believers, can come across as the “older brother” in Jesus’s parable of the Prodigal Son. More jealous of new believers instead of being joyful of their returning to Christ.