follow site The Trinity   We believe that there is only one God and that He exists in three persons: God the Father, Jesus Christ who is God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  Each person in the Trinity is co-equal and fully God.  Father, Son, and Spirit have always existed outside of time and will always exist.

how to order Proscalpin   Jesus Christ   We believe that Jesus Christ was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary.  He came to earth as a baby, was fully human and fully divine, lived a sinless life, and voluntarily died by crucifixion to pay in full for the sins of everyone who trusts in Him.  He was dead and buried, but physically rose to life again on the third day.  He ascended into heaven where He sits at the Father’s side.  Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and is also the example that we are to follow as we become like Him.

buy alli tablets online  The Holy Spirit   We believe that the Holy Spirit lives in every follower of Jesus Christ beginning at the moment of salvation.  He empowers us to mature in our faith and grow in the likeness of Jesus Christ.  He empowers every believer with specific gifts to be used in service to the church and the world.  The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, convinces us of truth, gives us understanding and insight, and enables us to understand and apply the Word of God.

 Creation   We believe that God is the Creator of all that exists.  He created human beings in His image, exactly as He reveals in the Bible, to have a love relationship with Him.

 Sin  We believe that every human being except Jesus Christ has willfully sinned, destroying any possibility of relationship with God through any efforts of our own.  The result of sin is suffering, death, and separation from God.  Because of our sin, we deserve eternal death and separation from God in hell.

 Salvation   We believe that Jesus Christ died to pay in full the penalty for our sins so that we can have eternal life and be restored to relationship with God.  When we place our faith in Jesus Christ and His redemptive death and resurrection, God by His grace gives us the gift of Christ’s own righteousness (Ephesians 2:8-9).  Through faith in Jesus Christ and His work on our behalf, we are forgiven in full for all sin—past, present, and future.  We are freed from slavery to sin and from the penalty of sin.  We are justified before God, receive the Holy Spirit, and live eternally in God’s presence.  Salvation is a perfect and eternal gift which can never be lost.

 Scripture   We believe that the Bible is the perfect Word of God.  He is the Author of Scripture, who divinely inspired its human writers.  All Scripture is perfect and true, and is our source of authority.  In the Bible God reveals to us who He is, who we are, how we are to live, and His plan of redemption for us.  The Bible tells the true story of God’s love for His people.

 Church   We believe that the church is the family of God.  It consists of all who have been redeemed through faith in Jesus Christ and follow Him in daily life.  The church exists to glorify God by making disciples for Jesus Christ.  It is the center of worship, faith, and life for God’s people.  The church is like the body, consisting of many different parts.  It is not possible to follow Jesus Christ apart from the community of faith.  The church is the bride of Christ.  The local church is an expression of one worldwide church which consists of many denominations.

 Peace   We believe that God calls followers of Jesus Christ to be His ambassadors of peace.  We are to promote peace with God, peace with each other, peace with our enemies, and peace with ourselves.  Since all people are made in the image of God, and since each person is so valuable to God that Jesus Christ died for them, we oppose all forms of taking life.  This includes abortion, capital punishment, and war.  The devil came to destroy, but Jesus Christ came to give life.  As His followers, we will work to protect life and promote peace.

 Ministry   We believe that every follower of Jesus Christ has been given specific gifts by the Holy Spirit, for the purpose of serving and strengthening the church.  As we live lives of service and selflessness for the sake of Jesus Christ, we mature and grow in the character of Jesus Christ.

 Eternity   We believe that heaven and hell are real places and that every person will spend eternity in one or the other.  God will judge all people for their sin.  Those who have received forgiveness through faith in Jesus Christ will spend eternity in heaven with God, where they will also receive a reward for their service to Him on earth.  Those who have rejected Jesus Christ and His gift of forgiveness will spend eternity in hell, separated from God.

 Resurrection   We believe that Jesus Christ will keep His promise to return one day to gather all believers to Himself.  Just as He was raised bodily from the grave, so He will also raise all those who have died.  Those who trusted in Him will physically go with Him to heaven; those who have rejected Him will physically go to hell.  Every follower of Jesus Christ will enjoy a perfect eternity face to face with God Himself.